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Visualizing Scientific Data and Information

Focusing on the Physical and Natural Sciences

SIGGRAPH 96 Course 16

Theresa-Marie Rhyne (organizer), Bill Hibbard, Mike Botts, Lloyd Treinish

Original Course Description:

This course demonstrates the application of visualization tools and interactive techniques for examination and interpretation of scientific datasets. Highly illustrative atmospheric, oceanographic, and geographic examples are demonstrated in real time. Also highlighted: the process of developing effective visualization paradigms for supporting high-speed networking, database management, heterogenous computing platforms, user interface design, collaborative computing, science education, implementation of animation techniques, convergence of visualization methods with the World Wide Web, and the relationship between animation techniques and scientific information exploration.

Who Should Attend

Scientific researchers, educators, and computer graphics specialists interested in exploring particular issues associated with handling visual display of scientific information and large scientific datasets. Experience with scientific visualization systems and terminology is helpful, as well as understanding of graphics programming.