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Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics: Overcoming Bottlenecks and Supporting Collaboration

SIGGRAPH 99 Course 21

Original Course Description:

An introduction to networking concepts for using and developing interactive and collaborative Internet-based graphics applications.

Software and tools associated with the Multicast Backbone (MBone), Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol, Hypertext Transfer (http) protocol, Java and Java3D, the Extensible Markup Language (XML), the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) and the High Level Architecture (HLA) for Distributed Virtual Environments were demonstrated in this course. Collaborative remote design projects were presented as case studies, followed by first-hand examples of the capabilities and tradeoffs involved when interactive 3D graphics are combined with the World Wide Web and live information streams across the Internet. The speakers also discussed how the SIGGRAPH community is affected by (and can likewise influence) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards (such as implementations of relevant protocols in the IPv6 suite), the ACM Special Interest Group on Communications (SIGCOMM), the VRML Consortium, and other Internet-related organizations.

Theresa-Marie Rhyne (Organizer:Lockheed Martin/ U.S. EPA Visualization Center), Bob Barton (Fraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics), Don Brutzman (Naval Postgraduate School), Mike Macedonia (USA Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command)