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This group is concerned with the place of Computer Graphics in the Arts Curriculum.

The publication of the "Faculty Guidelines in Computer-based Media in Fine Art and Design" by Cynthia Beth Rubin, Annette Weintraub and Dave Poindexter evolved in 1995 as an extension to the Dream Curriculum Workshop and subsequent publication, "Guidelines for Curricula in Computer Graphics in the Visual Arts", written by Barbara Mones-Hattal, Ken O'Connell and Deborah Sokolove and sponsored by the Education Committee in 1990. Both of these documents have outlined proposed guidelines for curriculum and administrative/management issues related specifically to art and design faculty.

An updated version of the guidelines can be found on the CAA website: Guidelines for Faculty Teaching in New-Media Arts

Additional curricular efforts in the Art Curriculum area have centered around the development of a clearer definition of a computer graphics curriculum for all discipline area (a "univeral curriculum") and a further refinement of the differentiation between these disciplines, with a focus on the arts.

Several follow on curriculum based interdisciplinary workshops are planned for the coming year and reports will follow. Another area that has been most recently pursued has been the internet access now available to more and more artists/educators. Cynthia Beth Rubin has coordinated a distribution of artists online that has been very successful.