Archived materials

Computer Graphics Java Applets

by Patrick Min, Princeton University (external link)

Computer Science Educational Resources Project

Projects we have been working on relating to Computer Science Graphics courses and Curriculum Resources for Computer Science Graphics Courses

HyperGraph - Teaching Computer Graphics

A project of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, the Hypermedia and Visualization Laboratory, Georgia State University, and the National Science Foundation (IIS-9980130), (USE-8954402), (DUE-9255489), (DUE-9752398), (DUE9751419).

Project Director: G. Scott Owen

This resources has been archived and can still be accessed here



SIGGRAPH 2002 Educators Program

Press release on the SIGGRAPH 2002 website

Workshop: Teaching Human Facial Modeling

Adam Watkins, University of the Incarnate Word

CGE 02 - Final Report

Recommendations of the Computer Science Curriculum group for the content of the beginning Computer Graphics course


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