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Academic Papers (7)

Academic research papers, thesis projects and other scholarly materials.

Course Syllabus (3)

Annotated sequence of course units with requirements and student readings.

Curated List (2)

Curated lists provide information and resources of value to educators who are exploring a topic, or have to teach a class in a subject, that is on the edge or even outside their expertise. Each list is compiled by an educator who is an expert in the field, and is responsible for its contents.

Curriculum (1)

The body of knowledge of a specific curriculum with knowledge areas, units, and exemplary topics.

Instructional Techniques (7)

Innovative bits of teaching material that highlight an approach to teaching a particular problem.

Online Resource (7)

Teaching resource outside of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee Website, External link.

Teaching Unit (2)

Self-contained, single-topic module