Designing a Massively Multiplayer Online Game as a Testbed for Social and Behavioral Model Research


Michael Zyda1, Peter Landwehr2, Marc Spraragen1, and Balakrishnan Ranganathan1

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs), in their aspect as online communities, represent an exciting opportunity for studying social and behavioral models. For that purpose we have developed Cosmopolis, an MMOG designed to appeal to a wide variety of player types, and containing several key research-oriented features.

Marvelous Designer Online Training - Creating Realistic 3D Dynamic Clothing


Camille Kleinman, Marvelous Designer Expert & Trainer.

Marvelous Designer Online Training Program for 3D Artists, Animators & Educators. 
Marvelous Designer is a cutting-edge garment design software that enables 3D and CG artists to easily and quickly create realistic looking and beautiful 3D virtual dynamic clothing, without needing to sculpt wrinkles and folds for hours.

A bouncing ball game for first-year computer graphics


Neil A. Dodgson, Victoria University of Wellington.

A bouncing ball is one of the simplest physics simulations yet provides a novice graphics programmer with a host of useful experience. The student creates a ball that bounces off the walls of a box, adds a bat, then gamifies the whole experience into a simple block-out game. The assignment is designed as the first significant piece of programming on a 2D computer graphics course. It is designed to be accessible to students who have taken an introductory programming course and who have physics and algebra to the level of a high-school graduate.