Education Committee Activities planned for SIGGRAPH 2012

The following activities have been planned for this years conference:


Mike Bailey compiled a list: download a PDF with Educator events at SIGGRAPH 2012


Education Committee Meeting

Sunday August 5

A general meeting will take place in the morning


Training Seminar Sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee and Unity 3D

SUNDAY, 5 AUGUST | 10 am - 6 pm | JW Marriott Los Angeles

This in-depth overview of the award-winning Unity platform for creating games and 2D and 3D applications for the desktop, the web, mobile devices, and consoles is designed for educators at the high school level and above. Unity evangelists show educators how to weave rich digital media experiences into technical, art, software development, and game-development courses. At the end of the day, attendees will understand the process required to create a 3D and 2D game from start to a final cross-platform version for iOS, Android, Facebook, and stand-alone applications. And they will return to their classrooms with practical ideas on how to use computer graphics and interactive 3D techniques as instructional tools.

If you are interested in participating, please send your name, address, email address, and phone number to Marc J. Barr, SIGGRAPH Education Committee Chair (marc_barr [at]

Details (PDF)


Fundamentals Seminar

SUNDAY, 5 AUGUST | 9 am | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 408A

The Fundamentals Seminar is an entertaining three-hour introduction to computer graphics concepts for new attendees who want to optimize their time at SIGGRAPH 2012. This session is open to all attendees. Topics include strategies for getting the most from the conference, the graphics pipeline, the graphics hardware displayed in the Exhibition, modeling, rendering, and animation. The Fundamentals Seminar is especially important for educators.

Slides as PDF (updated July 31 2012): 1 per page (16MB) | 2 per page (for reading, 10MB) | 6 per page (for printing, 7MB)


Autodesk Education Summit @ SIGGRAPH 2012, supported by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee

MONDAY 6 AUGUST | 3pm – 5pm | JW Marriott Los Angeles

On Monday, August 6, Autodesk will be hosting its annual Education Summit in Los Angeles. Here the worldwide community of post-secondary and technical educators, program directors, trainers and more, will have the opportunity to connect with Autodesk staff and executives to discuss key industry trends and best practices, network with their peers and learn about Autodesk products and programs, including special focus on Virtual Production techniques. This event will be followed by a reception. This event is open to all educators, school administrators, technicians and corporate and freelance trainers.

If you are interested in attending this event, please register here

For more information on Autodesks overall SIGGRAPH educational events for Educators, Secondary teachers and students, including detailed schedules, please visit


Educators Meet and Greet

TUESDAY, 7 AUGUST | 4-5 pm | SIGGRAPH Village

An informal reception for all educators attending SIGGRAPH 2012.



BOF sessions

Birds of a Feather session organized by members of the Education Committee and / or of interest to Educators.

A complete listing of BOF sessions can be found on the conference website


Studio Views of Demo Reels

SUNDAY, 5 AUGUST | 12:30 pm - 2 pm | Room 506

Representatives from various animation and visual effects production studios talk about what they look for in student demo reels.

Art Durinski



Teaching OpenGL in a Post-Deprecation World


SUNDAY, 5 AUGUST | 2 pm - 3 pm | Room 506

This session is for educators interested in sharing experiences with teaching OpenGL, including its new features, and taking into account its deprecated ones.

Mike Bailey


Khronos Institute for Training and Education (KITE) for Educators


SUNDAY, 5 AUGUST | 3 pm - 5 pm | Room 506


This session is for educators who wish to interact with the newly formed Khronos Institute for Training and Education by sharing educational materials and advising on certification .

Mike Bailey

Exploring Software Delivery and Pipeline Choices for Students in the Cloud

MONDAY, 6 AUGUST | 9 am - 10 am | Room 506

For educators and their sysadmins interested in learning how remote software and systems delivery and optimized pipelines can enhance their students work and productivity.

John Reinhard


Teaching Procedural Workflows

MONDAY, 6 AUGUST | 1 pm - 2 pm | Room 506

This session examines various approaches to teaching abstract and intangible topics essential to procedural workflows.

Bill Dwelly


Undergraduate Research Alliance

MONDAY, 6 AUGUST | 1 pm - 2:30 pm | Room 516

Faculty and students from all institutions of higher learning are invited to join us as we discuss our undergraduate research efforts, our successes and failures, and future ideas.

William J. Joel


Teaching Artists to Program With Algorithmic Art

MONDAY, 6 AUGUST | 2 pm - 3 pm | Room 506

Algorithmic art combines computational algorithms with design principles to create visual art. This session explores algorithmic art as a context for teaching and motivating computational thinking skills in the classroom.

Genevieve Orr


3D Animation Education Around the World

MONDAY, 6 AUGUST | 3 pm - 4 pm | Room 506

Educators from around the world are invited to discuss issues in 3D animation educations identified through surveys in the United States and Japan.

Wobbe F. Koning


Visualization/Visual Analytics Curriculum

MONDAY, 6 AUGUST | 4 pm - 5 pm | Room 506

The last 10 years have seen profound changes in algorithms, techniques, and applications of visualization and the advent of visual analytics. This session discusses the resulting changes to the curricula.

Gitta Domik & G. Scott Owen


Animation and 21st Century Skills - Mentoring from the Front Line, Online

TUESDAY, 7 AUGUST | 1 pm - 2 pm | Room 402A

ACME connects middle school through college learners to a mentoring network of peers, educators, and creative industry professionals via our online software platform. Tour our site and discuss mentoring.

The ACME Network


ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Educators Forum Asks: How do we maintain excellent animation programs and teach the latest technology at the same time?

TUESDAY, 7 AUGUST | 2 pm - 3 pm | Room 402A

A discussion led by animation educators for people interested in excellence in animation education and strategies for teaching in today's climate of shrinking resources and rapidly changing technology.

Dori Littell-Herrick