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Materials from several Open GL session are available for download

(OpenGL 4.3: Compute Shaders, GLSL Shaders Course and the BOF on Teaching OpenGL in a Post-Deprecation World)

New with OpenGL 4.3: Compute Shaders and Shader Storage Buffer Objects!

Here are some notes and sample code on the new OpenGL 4.3 Compute Shader and the new Shader Storage Buffer Objects (which work really well together):
one slide per page
two slides per page
six slides per page

Here is a full Visual Studio version of the Compute Shader particle system program.
(Note: you will need OpenGL 4.3 drivers to run this.)

GLSL Shaders Course

Executables (3 MB)
Example Files (68 MB)
Course Notes (75 MB)

What is glman?

glman is a program that helps you learn GLSL shaders by creating a main program and a user interface for you. It is very handy for use in a class, where rapid feedback on what different shader parameters do is padagogically a good thing.

Click here to get to the full glman web site.

Click here to see Oregon State University's shader course syllabus, assignments, etc.

Here is the PDF of the glman documentation


BOF on Teaching OpenGL in a Post-Deprecation World

One slide per page
Two slides per page
Six slides per page


VertexBufferObject C++ Class



GLSLProgram C++ Class



Vector manipulation C++ Class



Matrix manipulation C++ Class





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