Eurographics 2006

Eurographics 2006 was held in Vienna, Austria - September 4-8

Eurographics 2006 Education Report

Eurographics 2006 Education Report (PDF - 205 kB) - Rick Barry

About Eurographics 2006

The annual main conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, Eurographics 2006, took place from the 4th to the 8th of September 2006 in Vienna, Austria. It was co-organized by the Vienna University of Technology and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Workshop on Computer Graphics Education 2006

September 9, 2006, Vienna, Austria - Sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics

Workshop on Computer Graphics Education 2006: "Defining an International Curriculum in Computer Graphics"

A Knowledge Base for the Emerging Discipline of Computer Graphics

Report of the SIGGRAPH Education Committee Curriculum Working Group (PDF - 81 kB)