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GVE'99 Workshop

Entire Proceedings for Printing
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Individual Papers in Outline Format

  Keynote Speech
  Educational Trojan Horses
Michael J. Bailey

1 - Computer Graphics Curricula in Computer Science

  Bringing the Introductory Computer Graphics Course into the 21st Century
Rosalee Wolfe

     1.1 - Curricula

         Position Papers
  An Introductory Course on Visualization
B. Sousa Santos

  Restructuring Computer Graphics and Visualisation Curricula at IST
J. M. Brisson Lopes, M. R. Gomes, J. C. Bernardo, J. Jorge and J. M. Pereira

  Adapting Computer Graphics Curricula to Changes in Graphics Technology
L. E. Hitchner and H. A. Sowizral

  Computer Graphics in the Scope of Informatics Engineering education
M. Próspero dos Santos

  A Course in Topology-based Geometric Modeling
P. Lienhardt, L. Fuchs and Y. Bertrand

  Re-Inventing the Introductory Computer Graphics Course: Providing Tools for a Wider Audience
S. Cunningham

     1.2 - Techniques and Tools

         Position Papers
  A Mathematica Package for CAGD and Computer Graphics
A. Iglesias, F. Gutiérrez and A. Gálvez

  The Development of a Digital Library to Support the Teaching of Computer Graphics and Visualization
G. Scott Owen, Raj Sunderraman and Yanqing Zhang

  Learning 3D Visualisation with MALUDA
J. A. Madeiras Pereira and M. R. Gomes

  Teaching the Graphics Processing Pipeline: Cosmetic and Geometric Attribute Implications
J. Bresenham

  Strengthening Visual Skills by Recognising Rendering Algorithms
R. Wolfe

  MAVERIK: A Virtual Reality System for Research and Teaching
T. Howard, R. Hubbold and A. Murta

2 - Computer Graphics Curricula in the Arts

  Computer Graphics Curricula in the Visual Arts
D. E. Eber

  An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Computer Animation to Artists and Computer Scientists
D. S. Ebert and D. Bailey

     Position Papers
  Combining Art and Mathematics in Computer Graphics Education
M. Ollila

  Computers in Art and Design Education - Past, Present and Future
T. Longson

3 - Online Education

  Online Education
Anne Mumford

     3.1 - Architecture

         Position Paper
  On the Functionality of Distributed Multimedia-System Architecture for Educational Applications
D. Dochev, R. Pavlov and R. Yoshinov

     3.2 - Collaboration

         Position Papers
  Three Collaborative Models for Computer Graphics Education
C. Case

  Enabling Educational Collaboration - A New Shared Reality
J. R. Brown

     3.3 - Teaching

         Position Papers
  Supporting Face to Face Teaching
A. Mumford

  Web Based Multi-User Interactive Graphics Worlds for Education
G. Scott Owen

4 - Computer Graphics as a Tool for Teaching & Learning

  Using Web-Based Computer Graphics to Teach Surgery
K. Brodlie, N. El-Khalili and Ying Li

     Position Papers
  Visualisation in teaching-learning mathematics: the role of the computer
G. Chiappini and R. M. Bottino

  Virtual Environment of Water Molecules for Learning and Teaching Science
J. F. Trindade, C. Fiolhais, V. Gil and J. C. Teixeira

  Evaluation of Driving Education Methods in a Driving Simulator
J. M. Leitão, A. Moreira, J. A. Santos, A. A. Sousa and F. N. Ferreira

  Scientific Visualization as a Tool for Power Engineering Education
P. Slavik and F. Hrdlicka

5 - Training for Real World Applications

  Training in Computer Graphics for Entertainment Production: What Future TDs Need to Know
J. F. Morie

6 - Human-Computer Interaction

  Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Psychology in Visualization Education
T. T. Hewett

      Position Paper
  The Human-Computer Interfaces Course at IST
M. R. Gomes, J. M. Brisson Lopes and M. J. Fonseca

7 - Media Education

  Media Education at the Bauhaus-University Weimar
C. A. Wüthrich

      Position Paper
  Defining Interactive Multimedia Education: Expanding the Boundaries
B. Mitchell

8 - Courseware

  Modularity: The Key to Courseware Re-use
J. C. Teixeira

     Position Papers
  Courseware Reuse or Courseware to Reuse?
J. C. Teixeira, C. Páris, J. Madeira and J. Brisson Lopes

  Framework for Development of Course Material for Teaching Computer Graphics
V. V. Kamat

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