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Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source (CGEMS) Call for Materials

by WebSysAdmin last modified 2008-11-13 22:19

Spreading Educational Excellence in Computer Graphics & Digital Arts - Deadline: February 1, 2009

The CGEMS is an online refereed repository for instructional materials related to Computer Graphics, Digital Arts and Media. It is backed by the SIGGRAPH Educational Committee and the Eurographics Education Board.

We are collecting educational material showcasing the best examples of teaching Computer Graphics and Digital Arts. If you have developed valuable content in the field - publish it and shape your academic identity!

Each submission undergoes critique by experts in the field - long-term educators, professionals, and artists. Outstanding contributions will be elected by members of the Editorial Advisory Board and exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2009. The winner will receive free conference access.

We consider material in the following categories:

  1. Complete Module: A self-contained, single-topic teaching unit.
  2. Problem Set: Student assignment with underlying rational & structure.
  3. Teaching Gems: Innovative bits of teaching material that highlight an approach to teaching a particular problem.
  4. Curriculum: The body of knowledge of a specific curriculum with knowledge areas, units, and exemplary topics.
  5. Course Syllabus: Annotated sequence of course units with requirements and student readings. New category!

Please check the CGEMS Authoring Guidelines on preparing your submission.

Our best materials can serve as submission examples, for example:

If you need more information about the CGEMS project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frank Hanisch, Joaquim Jorge
CGEMS Co-Editors in Chief
editor [at]

Editors in-chief

Frank Hanisch, WSI/GRIS University of Tübingen, Germany
Joaquim Jorge, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

Editorial Advisory Board:

Colin Beardon, Digital Creativity, NZ
Dan Bergeron, University of New Hampshire, USA
Gary Bertoline, Purdue University, USA
Don Brutzman, Naval Post-Graduate School, USA
Colleen Case, Schoolcraft College, USA
José Encarnação, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
Werner Hansmann, Universität Hamburg, Germany
Masa Inakage, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
Lars Kjelldahl, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Tony Longson, Cal State University at Los Angeles, USA
Mike McGrath, Colorado School of Mines, CO, USA
Jacki Morie, University of Southern California, USA
JiaoYing Shi, Zhejiang University, China
Anne Spalter, Brown University and Anne Spalter Studios, USA
Andries van Dam, Brown University, USA

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