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The SIGGRAPH 2010 Learning Challenge

by WebSysAdmin last modified 2010-04-08 14:19

Sponsored by Disney Research - Challenge: Develop an engaging “Learning Widget” that will impart active knowledge of “Learning Concepts” for children ages 7 to 10.

"Fun and learning shouldn't be contradictory. With response to this contest, we hope to show that sophisticated concepts can be conveyed via entertaining interactions on computers. So our challenge to you is to develop an engaging 'Learning Widget' that will delight, inspire and reveal key learning concepts."

  • A “Learning Widget” is a multiphase activity that moves a learner from minimal knowledge to active knowledge in one or more learning concepts.
  • “Active Knowledge” is the application of knowledge to various situations that provide more than simply memorization and recall.
  • The “Learning Concepts” from key areas of Math, Art, Science, Music, Reading & Writing for this year’s contest are:
    1. Exploring the structures and gravitational pull of the Solar System
    2. Creating diverse Rhythmic Music patterns to understand their dynamics
    3. Solving problems in space with Coordinate Geometry
    4. Discovering unfamiliar Vocabulary using context clues and word components
    5. Using Fractional Quantities to plan, construct and design
    6. Applying the dimensions and scale of Human Time to culture
    7. Illustrating needs, diversity and cycles in Habitats and Ecosystems
    8. Understanding Geometric Transformations by creating & reflecting on Visual Arts
    9. Revealing the Rock Cycle through volcanoes or properties of crystals
    10. Using combinations of Simple Machines to understand work


  • Finalists: Travel grants (20 teams @ $1500 per team) and SIGGRAPH registration
  • Winners: Cash ($10,000 prize fund), Disney R&D Tours, Walt Disney Studio Tours

Possible Criteria for Judging:

Will be based on submissions. It might include some of the following:

  • Fun
    Demonstrates the highest frequency of smiles from users
  • Innovation
    Demonstrates a fundamental change to the way learning is enabled through transformative uses of digital media and interactivity
  • Learning Efficacy
    Demonstrates clear progress through the learning concept for the diversity of learners in this age range
  • Interdisciplinary
    Demonstrates unique combinations and connections across diverse learning concepts
  • Social
    Demonstrates the effectiveness of collaborative and competitive learning environments in digital media
  • Readiness
    Demonstrates a clearly evident path to highly scalable production that requires reasonable investments to move beyond R&D

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