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CGEMS Best Classroom Materials 2007

by Frank Hanisch last modified 2007-11-02 12:25

The following CGEMS materials were awarded at SIGGRAPH 2007 as part of the Education Forum. The winner received free conference access.

Frank Hanisch

Materials are available for free and can be downloaded from


Best Material

A Lab Exercise for 2D Line Clipping

David J. Stahl, Jr.
US Naval Academy

lab-exerciseA brilliantly prepared lab exercise on a central graphics problem. The module provides all of the files for display and interaction in order to permit focusing student effort on the implementation of the algorithm. Students will be able to apply theoretical knowledge to create a real implementation.


David J. Stahl, educator at US Naval Academy, receives the CGEMS Best Material Award 2007.

Honorable Mentions


ShaderSchool – A tutorial for shader programming

Kristopher Blom, Steffi Beckhaus, Ulf Reimers, Malte Thiesen
im/ve Univ. Hamburg

An interesting and useful program to learn about shaders. Four programming lessons with increasing difficulty are included, together with a description on how to add custom lessons. The integrated compiler enables students to concentrate on the shading language.


A Knowledge Base for the Emerging Discipline of Computer Graphics

CGEMS Curriculum Computer Graphics

G. Orr, T. Alley, C. Laxer, J. Geigel, S. Gold, L. Hitchner, B. Pollack, C. Sanders

A major milestone for defining the computer graphics discipline and useful tool for every faculty member and educator in the field.

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