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cgSource contains a wealth of materials of value to Computer Graphics and Digital Arts educators and professionals. Unlike CGEMS, materials in this section are not formally peer reviewed. Instead, cgSource materials are publicly reviewed and rated by the community at large (implementation of commenting and rating is in the works).

See the project white paper for details.

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Information for Authors: Please read the Policies and send your resources to cgsource [at]

Instructional Materials:
Materials ranging from teaching materials and single topic presentations to entire courses.

Career Related Materials:
Helpful materials to further a career in Computer Graphics.

Instructional Materials

  • Slide Sets
    A Collection of Educational Slide Sets
  • SIGGRAPH Conference Courses
    Materials from education related courses at the annual SIGGRAPH conference
  • HyperGraph - Teaching Computer Graphics

    A project of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, the Hypermedia and Visualization Laboratory, Georgia State University, and the National Science Foundation (IIS-9980130), (USE-8954402), (DUE-9255489), (DUE-9752398), (DUE9751419).

  • HyperVis - Teaching Scientific Visualization

    A project of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, the National Science Foundation (DUE-9752398), and the Hypermedia and Visualization Laboratory, Georgia State University.

  • Digital Art Curriculum Framework
    A Guide to Creating a Digital Art Program - Version 0.2, Aug 2008 - Michael Tanzillo, Peter Weishar, Bridget Gaynor, and Josephine Leong (PDF, 684kb)
  • The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art
    The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art Project collects essays and images from artists, scientists, art historians, people shaping the museum and gallery display and those who influenced these disciplines, which reflects the unfolding of computer art due to technical achievements (hardware, software, languages, etc).
  • Volume Visualization Data Sets
    The Chapel Hill Volume Rendering Test Data Set, Volume I

    These were originally on an ftp site at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

  • SIGGRAPH TV Movies of Emerging Technology at SIGGRAPH 2001
    These movies were made by SIGGRAPH TV at SIGGRAPH 2001.
  • Java applets for Graphics Courses
    by Patrick Min, Princeton University (external link)
  • Interactive Teaching Modules for Computer Graphics
    Avi Naiman Computer Graphics 30(3), August 1996
  • Design for WWW Documents
    Bonnie Mitchell, Syracuse University - 1996 (located at the old site)

Career Related Materials

Helpfull materials to further a career in Computer Graphics

  • CGI Training for the Entertainment Film Industry
    As the digital film industry matures, the education needed to become part of it also evolves and shifts. We must therefore rethink how we educate future digital entertainment workers (1998)
  • The Demo Reel from Hell
    This is an example reel put together by a visual effects supervisor who works in the digital film industry in Los Angeles (1998)
  • SIGGRAPH Five-Minute Career Mentor
    "This document is a snapshot of experiences that I have shared with our SIGGRAPH community over the years. It can help orient new career seekers to the possibilities in the rapidly expanding fields of computer graphics applications and education."
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Career Handbook
    The Career Handbook was published in 1991

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