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SIGGRAPH 92 Educator's Slide Set on 2D Art

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Edited by Cynthia Beth Rubin, Produced by Diana Tuggle

Many computer artists who also teach hold the strong conviction that the real power of the computer as an instrument for leading us to a new aesthetic lies in the process of artist interaction with the computer in the development of an image. Artists have always changed their images as they evolved even when working in traditional media, but often the technical limitations of producing, for example, a painting, kept artists from making radical changes. With the computer, these limitations are removed, and the artist can work in a non-linear fashion, moving back and forth from simple to complex, adding and reducing elements, as well as modifying them, endlessly. In fact, the same initial image may end up as several finished images, or several finished images may give birth to a combined new work.

The SIGGRAPH 92 educator's slide set, which is focused on 2D still images, is designed to show this process. To do this, we show several images by 13 artists, including images which are variations on a theme, or images which were stages in development or the beginning components
of the images. Our goal is to reveal the philosophy of the artist through these mini-sets.

In Computer Graphics, we have printed one image from each of the 13 artists. The full color 35mm slide set contains all 78 slides. If you are interested in the full set, please contact us.

Note: The links below are to the artists' slides.


Sandro Corsi 

Department of Art 

Fullerton College 
Fullerton, CA 


Acha Debela 

Computing Center for the Arts 
Department of Art 

North Carolina Central University 


Carol Flax 

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 


Karen Guzak 

Studio 5a 

Seattle, WA 98108 


Michael Holcomb 

Fine and Applied Art Department 

University of Oregon 


Anne Marie LeBlanc 

Indiana University/ 
Purdue University 


Robert Martin 

Department of Art and Art History 

Wayne State University 


Delle Maxwell 

Princeton, NJ 


Barbara Mones-Hattal 

Art Department  

George Mason University 


Jacquelyn Ford Morie 

Winter Park, FL 


Cynthia Beth Rubin 

University of Vermont 


Eve Sutton 

School of the Visual Arts 


Roman Verostko 

Minneapolis, MN 

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