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The 'Full Matrix' Radiosity Algorithm.

Two classes of radiosity algorithms have been developed which will
calculate the energy equilibrium solution in an environment.  

The 'full matrix' radiosity solution calculates the form factors between
each pair of surfaces in the environment, then forms a series of
simultaneous linear equations, as shown in the upper figure.  This
matrix equation is solved for the 'B' values, which can be used as the
final intensity (or color) value of each surface.

This method produces a complete solution, at the substantial cost of
calculating form factors between each pair of surfaces and
determining the solution of the matrix equation.  Each of these steps
can be quite expensive if the number of surfaces is large. Complex
environments have upwards of ten thousand surfaces, and
environments with one million surfaces are not uncommon.  This
leads to substantial costs in computation time and storage.

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