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Examples of Rendering Methods.

Three images are displayed on this slide, illustrating several facets of
computer image generation.  

The image in the upper right corner was rendered with a scanline
rendering algorithm, where the ambient component of light is
approximated with a constant value.  This results in similar shading for
all parts of the image, even in areas where shadows or less
illumination would be expected.  No shadows are calculated.

The image in the middle and the image in the lower left corner were
both rendered with a ray tracing global illumination algorithm.  The
image in the middle exhibits some of the characteristics of a typical
ray tracing algorithm: mirror-like reflections and no ambient light
component.  Notice the hard-edged shadows cast by the light source.
The image in the lower left corner retains the mirror-like reflection
typical of a ray tracing algorithm, and adds an accurate ambient
component of light, by allowing many reflections of light energy
through the environment, as well as soft shadows.

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