SpaceTime Gallery 2018

First Price: Alice Wang

The International 2018 SpaceTime competition for students was announced matching the conference theme: "Generations"

The accepted works will be presented at the Education Booth during the SIGGRAPH 2018 conference, and can also be viewed here.

The Winning Entries:

Accepted entries:

  • Alexandra Vasilega
  • Alfonso Alvarez
  • Allison Wheeler
  • Amanda Schaffer
  • An-Yu Cheng
  • Anastasia Pavlova
  • Anastasia Yugina
  • Anna Gavrilova
  • Ashley Lee
  • Bruce Puell
  • Casey Wesp
  • Ching-Jung Huang
  • Claire Hsu
  • Gina Chun
  • Jessica Quattrini
  • Jia-Ning Zhang
  • Julia Burja
  • Kaitynn McCoy
  • Liang-Si Chen
  • Pei-Hsun Yiu
  • Pin Hung Kuo
  • Roger Wang
  • Sam Miller
  • Sarah Ryu
  • Sarah Vargas
  • Sharon Smallwood
  • Shih-Chi Li
  • Yi-Zhen Lai
  • Yu Hsian Ke
  • Yu-Ting Tang
  • Yugantar Handa

Chair (not judging):

  • Anna Ursyn, University of Northern Colorado, CO, U.S.A.


  • Dena Elisabeth Eber, Bowling Green State University, US
  • Leslie Nobler, William Paterson University, New Jersey, US
  • John Antoine Labadie, University of North Carolina Pembroke, US
  • Anie Miles, Arizona State University, US
  • Gabriele Peters, FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany
  • Ying Tan, University of Oregon, US
  • Huimin Su, HMSUEDesign Studio, ShanDong, China
  • Jing Zhou, Monmouth University, NJ, U.S.A.