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The SpaceTime Student Exhibition and Competition Opened Today

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The education committee celebrated the SpaceTime student exhibition on Monday, August 3, 2009 with an opening and awards ceremony. Along with the formal opening, the students who won awards were honored with certificates and applause. The committee also presented our virtual gallery in Second Life. We urge all those to visit the gallery, especially those who were unable to attend the physical gallery.

The SpaceTime Student Exhibition and Competition Opened Today

The SpaceTime Gallery in New Orleans

SpaceTime student exhibition and competition in Second Life (SLURL)


About SpaceTime and the 2009 Exhibition

The SpaceTime competition is an international juried exhibition for currently enrolled students working in computer graphics and digital arts. As with years past, the work defines its own slice of time as it captures an essence of an era. This year we are seeing more of a mix of traditional and contemporary media, thus firming the notion of digital tools becoming more a part of contemporary art practice. Whether this is evidenced by specific media, such as pencil in digital works, or by nods to older technologies, such as simulations of two-dimensional animation or scratchy film and audio, the works in this show represent Lev Manovich’s notion of Deep Remixability. They are indeed representative of the mixing of previously unrelated media, such as traditional and digital art forms, and show how digital environments created by software has facilitated deep remixing to form unique artistic and conceptual ideas.

We continued our tradition started last year to the represent the SpaceTime exhibition in Second Life. The exhibition is made possible this year by Bowling Green State University and is located on their island. This is an opportunity to extend the art beyond the confines of the conference and furthers the continuum of art venues and functions.

The SpaceTime exhibition encompasses print, animation, and interactive works. The pieces include commercial and artistic interpretations of digital arts and computer graphics. The print section includes design posters that interpret “Network Your Senses,” the conference theme, and fine art that is an expression of the artist’s vision. The animation division includes creative examples of animation ranging from industrial works such as character animation and visual effects to the conceptual such as fine arts and traditional abstract works. The interactive division showcases computer based interactive works that engage the participant in novel ways and includes web based, desktop, and interactive installation works.

Together, the three divisions within the SpaceTime exhibition capture a moment in time that embodies the richness of creative expression within the space created by computer graphics software, thus forming new relationships and associations that continue the arts.

Dena Elisabeth Eber
SpaceTime Curator

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