About the Education Committee

The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee works to support Computer Graphics education as well as the use of Computer Graphics in education, It sponsors a variety of projects and activities involving volunteers from around the world.

Call for Participation: 13th Annual Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibition

We are interested in your project assignments and the best examples of the work done by your students for that assignment.
Images, videos, and assignments to be displayed at the Education Committee booth during the SIGGRAPH 2024 conference in Denver. The materials will be archived on the education website after the conference.
Deadline Friday, June 7th, 2024

Winter 2024 SOIREE - January 26


You are invited to join us for the third ACM/SIGGRAPH Education Committee Symposium On Innovation, Research & Experiences in Education (SOIREE)!

Hosted by the ACM/SIGGRAPH Education Committee, this SOIREE offers a dynamic, conversational, and accessible venue for educators involved in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques to share and learn insights with their peers.

Registration for this entirely virtual symposium is free of charge.


New In Good Company Videos

IGC Aug 23 - Ashlet Goldstein

Two In Good Company videos have been added to out YouTube channel: NVIDIA Omniverse with Ashley Goldstein (August 2023) and a chat with Patrick Pennefather, University of British Columbia, Vancouver (October 2023)


Reminder "Save the Work" for the Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit

As the fall semester is coming to an end soon, the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee wanted to put out this reminder to save the best representative examples of the work done for your project assignments for the annual Faculty Submitted Student Work (FSSW) Exhibit.



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