About the Education Committee

ACM SIGGRAPH is the ACM Special Interest Group for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee works to support educators in computer graphics and interactive techniques.  This encompasses both technical, creative, applied and interdisciplinary studies at all post-secondary levels that intersect curricular areas of computer science, engineering, art, design and related disciplines. The Education Committee undertakes a broad range of projects and activities in support of the computer graphics and interactive techniques education community, such as developing curriculum guidelines, providing instructional resources, organizing SIGGRAPH conference-related activities and outreach.

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ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee Goals

  • To encourage and facilitate efforts that connect education communities, better the educational process, and trigger innovation and creativity.
  • To support projects and activities that further educational development in the field, and evaluate these projects to ensure they meet the needs of the educator and learner.
  • To provide global online resources for educators that help to define a knowledge base for the discipline, to identify curriculum and core competencies, and to provide innovative learning tools and pedagogy.
  • To offer a resource structure to enable future educators to continue in the development of the field.


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