This section contains archived materials. The material posted here is no longer being maintained.

SpaceTime Student Competition

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Space-Time juried student competition and exhibition of animation, digital print, poster design, and interactivity


ACM SIGGRAPH Education Index

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A directory of academic programs that offer computer graphics, digital arts, interactive media and games curricula.
This resource is no longer being maintained. The website is still accessible but does not work on all browsers.

SIGGRAPH Five-Minute Career Mentor

John M. Fujii - SIGGRAPH 96 Conference Chair:
"This document is a snapshot of experiences that I have shared with our SIGGRAPH community over the years. It can help orient new career seekers to the possibilities in the rapidly expanding fields of computer graphics applications and education. "

SpaceTime Student Traveling Exhibition Application Form

Please note that the annual SpaceTime Student Competitions have been phased out in 2012, the form is linked here for archival purposes.

Educators' Slide Sets

A Collection of Educational Slide Sets.
These slides are designed to help teach certain concepts. The Education slide sets of 1991,1993, 1995, and 1997 focused on Computer Science and the Education slide set of 1992 focused on 2D aspects of Art and Design.


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