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SpaceTime 2007

Winners, honorable mentions and exhibitors of the 2007 SpaceTime Student Competition & Exhibition

About SpaceTime 2007

Coordinator: Dena Elisabeth Eber
Associate Professor and Chair, Digital Arts
Bowling Green State University

The SpaceTime competition is an international juried exhibition for currently enrolled students working in computer graphics and digital arts. The exhibition captures the state of creative computer based student work and acts as an annual slice of the computer graphics continuum. Over time the print, interactive, and animation projects displayed in the Space-Time exhibition will continually redefine the aesthetics associated with the discipline as the technology affords new opportunities. Over that same time, older technology and aesthetics will mature and, in this way, be forever embedded in current works. As such, the past provides disciplinary standards for the present, or the building blocks for work created with newer technology. One does not replace the other; rather they represent a multidimensional continuum that moves in many directions through space and time. Thus, this exhibition embodies the multidimensionality of time and space as defined by excellent student works in computer graphics and digital arts.

The SpaceTime exhibition encompasses print, animation, and interactive works. This year, not only did the print division include our traditional poster exhibition, but we added a new digital print category in which the artist determines the theme and the method of output or representation. The animation division includes excellent and creative examples of animation ranging from the hyper-real to the traditional abstract works. The interactive division showcases computer based interactive works that engage the participant in novel ways and includes web based, desktop, and interactive installation works.

Together, the three divisions within the Space-Time exhibition capture a moment in time that embodies the richness of creative expression within the space of computer graphics technology from the past and present.

SpaceTime 2007 Catalog

The SpaceTime catalog can be downloaded here