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This section contains archived materials. The material posted here is no longer being maintained.

CGEMS Best Classroom Materials 2008

This year, awarded materials were presented at the SIGGRAPH 2008 Roundtable on Educational Resources. The winner received free conference access.

2007– 2008 SpaceTime Student Traveling Exhibition Report

SpaceTimeStudent Traveling Exhibition Curator: Jessica Maloney

In Memoriam: Dr. Tony Alley

Dr. Tony Alley

Dr. Tony Alley was laid to rest in January 2008. Tony was a key member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, and was was instrumental in the development of the Curriculum Knowledge Base project.


CGEMS Best Classroom Materials 2007

The following CGEMS materials were awarded at SIGGRAPH 2007 as part of the Education Forum. The winner received free conference access.

SpaceTime 2006 Exhibition Calendar (2006-2007)

The 2006 Space Time Traveling Student Exhibition will be on display at the following locations:


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