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Introduction to VRML 97

SIGGRAPH 98 Course 18
VRML (the Virtual Reality Modeling Language) technology has broad applicability, including Web-based entertainment, distributed visualization, 3D user interfaces to remote Web resources, 3D collaborative environments, interactive simulations for education, virtual museums, and virtual retail spaces.

Art for Computer Graphicists

SIGGRAPH 98 Course 30
Creating effective and memorable images is an important part of communication. Computer graphics can help in that process. But the principles that underlie creation of great visuals don't change when applied to the computer. Composition, color theory, layout, and social and historical context are just some of the ideas that an artist brings to a piece to create clear, powerful messages.

CGI Training for the Entertainment Film Industry

by Jacquelyn Ford Morie (Blue Sky|VIFX now at Rhythm and Hues)
As the digital film industry matures, the education needed to become part of it also evolves and shifts. We must therefore rethink how we educate future digital entertainment workers.

Reprinted from IEEE COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND APPLICATIONS 0272-1716/98/$10.00 © 1998 IEEE Vol. 18, No. 1: JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1998, pp. 30-37

The Demo Reel from Hell

This is an example reel put together by a visual effects supervisor who works in the digital film industry in Los Angeles.

Design for WWW Documents

Bonnie Mitchell, Syracuse University - 1996

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