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Visualizing Scientific Data and Information

Focusing on the Physical and Natural Sciences
SIGGRAPH 96 Course 16
This course demonstrates the application of visualization tools and interactive techniques for examination and interpretation of scientific datasets. Highly illustrative atmospheric, oceanographic, and geographic examples are demonstrated in real time.

Pixel Cinematography

SIGGRAPH 96 Course 30
Pixel Cinematography
Lighting Approach for Computer Graphics

American Indian Mythology and the Use of Computer

Update about the work of the Ruth Littlejohn Foundation, Inc. relative to Siggraph 97
by Tracy E. Monteith

Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Workshops in Computer Graphics.

We have given three Workshops in Computer Graphics co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation (Grants #USE-8954402 and #DUE-9255489)and the Education Committee. These workshops have been held in August 1991, August 1993, and August 1994 at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia.

M.S. and Ph.D. Computer Graphics Theses

This directory contains the ASCII text files for all of the Computer Graphics Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts Compendiums published in *Computer Graphics*.
1988 - 1993


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