Call for Papers on Computer Graphics Education in the Time of Covid

Graphics & Visual Computing

Call extended to December 31st, 2020

Call for Papers on Special Issue on Computer Graphics (and related subjects) Education in the Time of Covid 

You are invited to submit to the Graphics & Visual Computing Journalthe open access sister journal of Computers & Graphics, Special Section on Computer Graphics Education (and related subjects) in the time of Covid.

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected society worldwide and forced Universities and other Higher Education institutions to move their programs online almost overnight; students and faculty had to adapt to this new reality and go on with their activities in very different conditions without any specific planning or training. This was naturally more problematic for some courses and topics than for others; Computer Graphics and related courses (e.g. Visualization and Virtual Reality) may have been particularly challenging as they involve very specific Hardware and Software that typically students only have access to at their institutions’ premises. Nevertheless, this also brought opportunity to institutions, which should be better prepared to face new challenges, and perhaps to leverage this experience to foster a hybrid model of education with significant benefits.

This Call addresses papers identifying and debating issues, presenting solutions, guidelines, and lessons learned based on the experience gained during these extraordinary times. 

Please follow the submission guidelines for the Graphics & Visual Computing Journal as detailed in the guide to authors. Ensure that you read and follow the instructions linked below carefully before uploading your submission at:

All submissions will be fully peer-reviewed by at least three experts according to the standards of Graphics & Visual Computing. Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present their work at the Eurographics 2021 Education track (online).

Important Dates

Submission Due: December 31, 2020
First Decision: January 31, 2021
Revised Papers Due: February 28, 2021
Final Decision: March 31, 2021
Publication: July 2021

The Guest Editors:

Beatriz Sousa Santos, University of Aveiro; Eike Anderson, University of Bournemouth; Gitta Domik, Paderborn University

Submission Guidelines:

Authors should select “VSI: CG education at distance”, from the “Choose Article Type” pull-down menu during the submission process. To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified, for consideration by the special issue, the authors should indicate in the cover letter that the manuscript has been submitted for the special issue “Computer Graphics and related subjects Education in the time of Covid”.