VR Quick Start Guide


Wobbe F. Koning, Monmouth University

As faculty member teaching computer graphics and interactive techniques you may desire, or it may be required of you, to incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) into your curriculum. This page is intended to provide some pointers to get started. It is not comprehensive, a more complete curated list of VR resources is currently in preparation. This guide is intended to offer some direction to faculty members in incorporation the teaching of creating VR experiences into their curriculum. It is not aimed at people who want to use VR as a tool in their teaching of other subjects.

Please note: this is a work in progress. The field is developing rapidly. You can comment, suggest improvements and additions, using this google form

Introduction, Questions

Getting Started

Starter Projects

Here are some projects you can try that give results relatively quickly.

  • 360 degrees stereoscopic video (Coming Soon)

Essential Reading

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