the VR ride: a cross disciplinary assignment in computer graphics and interactivity


Nick Jushchyshyn, Robert Lloyd, and Erik Sundquist, Drexel University.

In this Groovy Assignment submission, we present a VR Ride assignment that challenges students to create a fully interactive VR computer graphics experience integrated with a themed ride. For this assignment, a ride is an apparatus that fully supports the users weight, utilizes the user's body motions as a primary input for computer interactivity, and provides haptic feedback relevant to the VR experience.

The assignment is designed to inspire and motivate creative thinking and cross disciplinary collaboration with faculty and students from outside the scope of those traditionally involved in programs focused on computer graphics and interaction.

The assignment can be easily scaled, by utilizing wholly existing, found or purchased platforms (exercise equipment such as a rowing machine or stationary bike) for use with small groups of students if desired. In the example presented, students from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Game Design, VR & Immersive Media, Animation & VFX and Game Design programs collaborated using primarily found or recycled components to build a bespoke, human powered "VR Cycle" ride, integrated with original VR experiences developed for the ride.

This Groovy Graphics Assignment was presented at SIGGRAPH 2019, and is available in the ACM Digital Library:

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