cgSource Editorial and Submission Policies

Contact: Wobbe F. Koning, Resources subcommittee chair


cgSource is a community-based repository for curricula and educational materials in Computer Graphics, Digital Arts, and related fields. It complements the CGEMS resource with a simple, barrier-free collection of online educational materials – without formal submission requirements or formal peer review. Instead, all materials published in cgSource are subject to basic acceptability criteria, online comments and ratings.


cgSource considers any materials with educational use in CG-related fields. Materials will be structured according to the CG taxonomy, as defined by the committee’s Curriculum Knowledge Base. Based on this, keywords will be taken and assigned to all content. Contents may match exactly one category or span several categories.


At this time, all submissions should be sent to the cgSource coordinators, using the following email address: cgsource [at]

After submitting, materials will be checked for basic acceptability criteria:

  • Subject scope: CG and related fields
  • Licensing: Creative Commons, see below
  • Authors affiliation
  • Completeness: includes all files that make up the material
  • Free / available viewer: resource must be viewable without commercial software
  • Technical requirements: what is necessary to view and use the resource

When accepted, materials are published and available for commenting and rating.

You can submit by using this google form.


Materials published in cgSource are licensed under the Creative Common Attribution - NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.
With Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, users worldwide may copy, distribute, display, and perform cgSource materials and make derivative works – as long as the work is attributed and not commercialized, and as long as derivatives are distributed under an identical license.


Because submissions to cgSource could potentially upgraded to CGEMS, attribution should follow, CGEMS-conforming, citation format:
Authors, Material title, cgSource, ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, Year. Material URL.

For example:
Frank Hanisch, Peter Weishar, Rick Barry, Frederico Figueiredo, Bridget Gaynor, Josephine Leong, CGSource White Paper, cgSource, ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, 2007.