Joint activities with Eurographics

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We have had several joint activities with Eurographics, the European computer graphics association. These include:

  • EUROGRAPHICS 2009 / Education Track in Munich, March 30-April 3, 2009
    Calls for Education Papers and an Education Workshop are open!!
  • EUROGRAPHICS 2008 / Education Track in Crete, Greece, April 4-18, 2008
    Co-chairs: Steve Cunningham, USA, and Lars Kjelldahl, Sweden
    More info on Education Papers at Eurographics 2008
  • EUROGRAPHICS 2007 / Education Track in Prague, Czech Republic, September 3-7, 2007
    Co-chairs: Petr Felkel, Czech Republic, and Isabel Navazo, Spain
    More info on Education Papers at Eurographics 2007
  • EUROGRAPHICS 2006 / Workshop on Computer Graphics Education (CGE) 06 in Vienna, Austria, September 2006
    Workshop co-chairs: Jean-Jacques Bourdin, University of Paris France, Steve Cunningham, Grinnell College, USA, Marta Fairén, Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Spain.
    More info on CGE06
    GE06 Webpage
  • CGE04 in Hangzhou, China, June 2004
    Several reports from the CGE04 workshop
    CGE04 Webpage [no longer available]
  • CGE02 in Bristol, UK, July 2002
    Program chair: Joaquim Jorge, co-hosted by Alan Chalmers and Steve Cunningham (US)
    More info on CGE02
    list of accepted papers (CGE02)
  • 2002 Botswana Workshop on Teaching Computer Graphics
    Presented with the collaboration of ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, and AFRIGRAPH
    More info on the 2002 Botswana Workshop
  • GVE'99 in Coimbra
    hosted by Jose Carlos Teixeira.
    The Report on GVE '99
  • GVE II, held in Oslo, Norway, September, 1994
    organized by Lars Kjelldahl (Sweden) and Jose Carlos Teixeira (Portugal)
  • Graphics and Visualization (GVE) Workshop in Barcelona, 1993
    organized by Scott Owen (US) and Ken Brodlie (UK))
  • Computer Graphics & Education Conference in Barcelona in 1991
    organized by Steve Cunningham (US), Ken Brodlie (UK), Roger Hubbold (UK), and Jose Encarnacao (Germany)

These efforts have led to the establishment of a Eurographics Working Group in Education (EWGE). The EWGE and the Education Committee are in the process of establishing joint curriculum and resource projects. One of these is to get more Eurographics participation in our SPACE exhibit and to display SPACE at both the SIGGRAPH and Eurographics conferences.

The latest joint project is CGEMS - Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source, a peer-reviewed resource meant to spread educational excellence in CG-related field.