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Primary & Secondary (K-12) Education

ACM SIGGRAPH Primary & Secondary (K-12) Education Sub-Committee


The mission of the Primary & Secondary (K-12) sub-committee is to advance ACM SIGGRAPH as both an organization and a conference, providing unique information, educational programs, and services to teachers and young people.


  1. Recruit a core active committee, representing the interests and needs of the education profession, the business community, professional associations, and students.
  2. Act as a collection point for information and materials related to the ways computer graphics can be integrated into Primary & Secondary Education learning.
  3. Establish efficient and effective ways to make information and materials accessible to classroom teachers and students.
  4. Establish connections between the business/professional computer graphics community and the education community.
  5. Encourage and "spotlight" student-focused programs and events.


In Support of our mission, we are posting web sites that are full of links, ideas, and inspiration. If you would like to suggest a web site, publication, article, or other item, please email James Marinez, Primary & Secondary (K-12) Education Coordinator ( james_martinez [at] ).

How to Blend Your Brain

This site was put together by James Martinez. He has taught art at several colleges and is now the Director of Art and Technology at Wye River Upper School. This site showcases student work from a 3D animation and visualization class started this year '07-'08. The class is taught using open source software.

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