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UGRA Projects

Undergraduate Research Alliance Projects

Ray Tracing Visualization Toolkit

We introduce the Ray Tracing Visualization Toolkit (rtVTK), a collection of programming and visualization tools supporting visual analysis of ray-based rendering algorithms.

Development of a Quantitative Style Model for 3D Character Motion

In order to better understand, and to simulate, 3D character motion, this project will attempt to create a style model that will quantitatively represent a character's motion. Initially, this will be limited to walk and run cycles.

Toward a Naturally Signing Avatar

Our goal is to translate English to American Sign Language, the language of the Deaf in North America. American Sign Language is different from English, with its own unique grammar. It is at least as different from English as any other natural language. An automatic English to ASL translator would give Deaf people greater access to the hearing world.

Cartoon-Based Motion Capture Data Analysis

This project consists of three phases. First, motion capture will be performed on various animator/character samples to produce a quantitative description of the character's motion. Possible motions for analysis include walk and run cycles. Second, this data will be analyzed to produce a set of parametrized equations where the set of parameters for a given animator/character is unique. Finally, this will be used to produce filters to add a specific flavor to motion captured data for live actors.

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