Los Angeles, 5-9 August 2012

Open GL Materials

Open GL logo

Materials from several Open GL session (OpenGL 4.3: Compute Shaders, GLSL Shaders Course and the BOF on Teaching OpenGL in a Post-Deprecation World) are available for download

Training Seminar Materials

Unity 3D logo

Materials from the training seminar sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee and Unity 3D which was held at SIGGRAPH 2012 are available for download.

Education Committee Activities planned for SIGGRAPH 2012

The following activities have been planned for this years conference.

Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit

Image by Jessica Uhlik / NJIT

This curated exhibit is sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee.

Image by Jessica Uhlik / NJIT

The call was open to all faculty working at Secondary/High School through University levels - 13 schools submitted 45 assignments. The images will be displayed at the Education Committee Booth SIGGRAPH 2012 in Los Angeles.

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