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SIGGRAPH 2022 Education BOF's

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The following Birds of a Feather sessions have been organized by members of the committee. They are not only of interest for educators, but students will also find most of them have content they can relate to.

To attend you need to register for the conference, at at least the Experience Plus level (


Monday, 1 August 2022

10am - 11am: Request for Feedback on the Graphics and Interactive Techniques Knowledge Area of the Draft Computer Science Curricula 202X (CS202X)

  • Organizers: Susan Reiser, Erik Brunvand, Kel Elkins, Jeff Lait, Dave Shreiner
  • A steering committee comprised of members of ACM, IEEE-CS, and AAAI began work in 2021 to produce the next version of undergraduate computer science curricular guidelines, known now as CS202X. In this BoF, we seek feedback on the draft Graphics and Interactive Techniques Knowledge Area comprised of the following Knowledge Units: Fundamentals, Visualization, Simulation, Basic Rendering, Geometric Modeling, Computer Animation, Immersion (MR, AR, VR), Interaction, Image Processing, Tangible/Physical Computing, and Advanced Rendering.


1pm - 2pm PDT: Massive Collaborative Animation Projects: Annual Meeting

  • Organizers: Miho Aoki, Johannes DeYoung, William Joel, Anna Ursyn, Wei-Chung Chang
  • Massive Collaborative Animation Projects (MCAP) presents models and perspectives for collaborative practice across institutional boundaries. Participants will share perspectives, personal experiences, inquiries and ideas for future program development.


3pm - 4pm PDT: Computer Graphics & Animation Research Projects

  • Organizer: William Joel
  • A gathering of faculty and students to develop original research in computer graphics, interactive techniques and animation at the undergraduate level


Tuesday, 2 August 2022

1pm - 2pm PDT: Faculty Submitted Student Works

  • Organizer: Richard Lewis
  • A gathering of educators to discuss the projects and student works submitted to the Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibit and a way for educators to learn more about the archive of past projects and discuss the submission process for next year.


Wednesday, 10 August 2022

3pm - 4pm PDT: Virtual Production in Education

  • Organizer: Nick Jushchyshyn
  • In cooperation with the ACM/SIGGRAPH Education Committee, this BOF is for educators with interest or curiosity in virtual production as a subject or as means for facilitating and enhancing teaching and learning experiences.