Workshop on Computer Graphics Education 2006

CGE 06 Attendees [see image bigger]

The Workshop on Computer Graphics Education 2006: "Defining an International Curriculum in Computer Graphics", sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH and Eurographics, was held on September 9, 2006.

The aim of the workshop was to define an international curriculum in Computer Graphics which respects the Bologna requirements (EU) and reflects the international nature of the computer graphics education workshops to date. This one-day workshop was held in conjunction with the Eurographics 2006 conference in Vienna, Austria.

This workshop continued the sequence of computer graphics education workshops over the last few years. These workshops and links to their reports are:

An overview of the European Higher Education Area (from the Bologna declaration) can be found at

Workshop co-chairs:
Jean-Jacques Bourdin, jj [at], University of Paris 8, France
Steve Cunningham, rsc [at], Grinnell College, USA
Marta Fairén, mfairen [at], Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Spain