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Call for Winter 2024 SOIREE

SOIREE Jan 2024

The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee is seeking submissions for the Symposium On Innovation, Research & Experiences in Education (SOIREE), to be held virtually through Zoom and YouTube on January 26, 2024.

EXTENDED Deadline: Sunday, December 31 at 10pm GMT.

Contact: Nick Jushchyshyn at nickj [at]

About the Symposium On Innovation, Research & Experiences in Education

The Symposium On Innovation, Research & Experiences in Education (SOIREE) is intended to provide a dynamic, conversational and accessible venue for educators involved in teaching or using computer graphics and interaction techniques in educational settings.

Deadline: Friday, December 15 at 10pm GMT

The symposium will be facilitated virtually, streamed live through Zoom and YouTube platforms, and there will be no charge for participation or attendance. Session recordings will be published to YouTube and may be cited in the future similar to TED Talks and other video platform content. Given the accessibility of this symposium, this is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable feedback from peers, promote your work, and learn from others that are likewise focused on the intersection of Education and computer graphics and interaction.

Why Submit to the SOIREE

Submissions to this curated symposium will be reviewed by members of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee.
The committee is seeking submission proposals for two Topic Areas ("Show Your Stuff", and "Technology in Education") and offers two format options for submission ("Fast Forward Video" and "Short Presentation")

Topic Areas

Show Your Stuff

The Show Your Stuff topic is your opportunity to share your research, innovations and experiences with colleagues in the education community. This can also be an opportunity to highlight your studios, classrooms and other facilities through submission of a 1-min Fast Forward format video (see more information below in the Session Formats section)

  • Had success with an innovative approach using or teaching computer graphics and interaction?
  • Have an interesting project, research or otherwise, related to computer graphics and interaction you would like to show?
  • Did you utilize an "alternative approach" to negotiating with administration or industry to gain access to funding or facilities for your SIGGRAPH related efforts?

If so, the Show Your Stuff Topic is for you!

The committee is also interested in 1-min. Fast Forward videos that highlight your studio spaces, classroom setups and other unique facilities. Facilities related submissions are preferred in Fast Forward format rather than short presentations.

Technology in Education

The Technology in Education topic is focused specifically on SIGGRAPH technology related innovation, research or experiences in the education space. For this topic, we are of course interested in the application of development and application of new technologies, but also novel repurposing of existing technologies from other sectors, or an interesting approach to resurrecting "old" tech (that others thought had past its prime).

  • Do you have experiences applying new SIGGRAPH related technologies in education?
  • Perhaps you're using a novel approach for SIGGRAPH tech-enhanced distanced teaching and learning?
  • Have you found a way to bring new life to an older technology within the SIGGRAPH Education space?

If so, the TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION Topic is for you!

Session Formats

Submissions may be in one of two session formats: "Fast Forward Video" or "Short Presentation"

Fast Forward Video

Fast Forward Videos are short (1 minute) pre-recorded videos related to one of the Topic Areas noted above.

Sessions utilizing this format will bring together several video submissions that share a related theme or subject area, with submissions authors participating in a live panel. Fast Forward Sessions will begin with a virtual screening of the selected videos, followed by a hosted discussion amongst the panelists including Q&A with attendees.

Note, a link to your completed 1-min video is required with each submission.

If accepted into the symposium program, updated videos will be permitted.

Short Presentation

Short Presentations are short (5 minute), live presentations related to one of the Topic Areas noted above. Sessions utilizing this format will begin with a collection of live, short talks from 2-4 presenters followed by discussion and Q&A.

Previous SOIREES

EXTENDED Deadline: Sunday, December 31 at 10pm GMT.

Contact: Nick Jushchyshyn at nickj [at]