First SOIREE May 13


You are invited to join us for the inaugural ACM/SIGGRAPH Education Committee Symposium On Innovation, Research & Experiences in Education (SOIREE)!

Hosted by the ACM/SIGGRAPH Education Committee, this SOIREE offers a dynamic, conversational, and accessible venue for educators involved in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques to share and learn insights with their peers.

Registration for this entirely virtual symposium is free of charge.

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Planned Symposium Schedule:

(All times are listed in US Pacific Time)

8am-8:50am Welcome Remarks and Keynote panel discussion

Our Keynote Panel features all three Recipients of ACM/SIGGRAPH's Distinguished Educator Award!
Andries van Dam (2019) - Donald P. (Don) Greenberg (2020) - Barbara Mones (2021)

9am - 9:50am - Facilities and Technologies

ST...Andrew Duchowski-Clemson University: Repurposing an old surplus server motherboard to become a VR/AR workstation for Vive Pro Eye and two HoloLens 2 units
ST...Mark Reisch-RIT: Leveraging a 55"LED Television to create a stop-motion scale ICVFX Virtual Production Stage
FF...Anie Miles-Arizona State University:  Adoption of Penn State University's  "One-Button" open source code
FF...Nick Jushchyshyn-Drexel University: Leveraging retired US-Army CAVE screen hardware as a ICVFX Virtual Production Wall

10am-10:50am - Kits & Course Approaches

ST...Dave Mauriello-Drexel University: "Pick your own adventure" Course Format
ST...David I. Schwartz-RIT: ATLAS  a new open-source collection of game development examples with fully commented code.
FF...Anie Miles-Arizona State University: Setting up a self-serve green screen recording space complete with custom built 3D virtual sets created in Blender
ST...Justin Berry-Yale University: The Verb Collective toolkit designed to help non specialized instructors teach interactive media as well as virtual and augmented reality.

11am-11:50 - Education Examples and Experiences

FF...Hyejin Hannah Kum-Bioca - New Jersey Institute of Technology: Augmented ART for augmenting information of artifacts in museums
FF...William Bares-Whitman College: Example undergraduate  projects from an GUI course that applied eye tracking and motion tracking to create more accessible and responsive interactions
ST...Nandhini Giri - Purdue University: Competency Development in Game Design Education
ST...Johannes DeYoung - Carnegie Mellon University: Expanding the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network highlighting collaboration between artists, designers, and musicians

Noon-12:50 - Industry and Education for Virtual Production

FF...Alex Zou- Planar Academy: Planar/Brompton LED Wall resources for ICFVX Virtual Production
FF...Jodi Nelson-Tabor- Final Pixel Academy: Highlighting recent partnership with the University of Greenwich
FF...Steve Dabal-  The Family: Highlighting recent work with students and filmmakers from various backgrounds to test integration of their traditional workflows into Virtual Production
ST...Kari Grubin- SMPTE RIS: Collaborating with industry and educational institutions to create ICFVX learning guides and other resources

1pm-1:25  -  Applied Technologies for Teaching

ST...Dave Mauriello- Drexel University: Leveraging Keyframe Pro for remote and in-person video based digital media critique sessions
ST...Rick Lewis- MTSU: Development and use Robotic Educational Distancing Device for maintaining social distancing while teaching in-person classes as well as remote learning.

1:30-1:55 - Strategic Approaches to Education

ST...Shaun Foster- RIT: Strategies for reducing curriculum obsolescence and course prep times for rapidly changing technology areas such as Virtual Production.
ST...Taro Narahara- NJIT: Preparing students to develop creative solutions for a world of ever increasing technological and disciplinary convergence.

2pm-2:30 - Looking ahead to SIGGRAPH 2022 Conference in Vancouver

ST...2022 Education Liaison Monica and 2023 Education Liaison Nick Jushchyshyn share a look ahead at the upcoming 2022 SIGGRAPH Conference in Vancouver, plans for the next EDU SOIREE in winter, and next year's 50th anniversary SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles.