IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Education Department

Gitta Domik

G. Scott Owen

For many years now, the ACM Siggraph Education Committee has played an important role in encouraging and facilitating efforts that connect education communities, improve the educational process, and trigger innovation and creativity.

Two members of the SIGGRAPH Education Committee, Gitta Domik and Scott Owen, have recently been recruited by IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications to start a new Education Department as a forum for graphics educators.

The new IEEE CGA Education Department provides a forum for educators to exchange best-practice examples of innovative instructional methods in computer graphics and interactive techniques. It will regularly highlight new types of courses, and courses that combine different fields—for example, art or science and technology. It will report on actual courses that have proven successful and therefore provide valuable experience and practical information for other educators.

If you feel you have a topic that is interesting and useful to other educators, check out the department guidelines and contact either Gitta Domik at domik [at] or Scott Owen at sowen [at]

Also write to Gitta or Scott if you have ideas for what you would like to read about in the new IEEE CGA Education Department: we are interested in opinions of educators as well as (former or current) students of Computer Graphics.