Winter 2023 SOIREE - January 27


You are invited to join us for the second ACM/SIGGRAPH Education Committee Symposium On Innovation, Research & Experiences in Education (SOIREE)!

Hosted by the ACM/SIGGRAPH Education Committee, this SOIREE offers a dynamic, conversational, and accessible venue for educators involved in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques to share and learn insights with their peers.

Registration for this entirely virtual symposium is free of charge.

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  Session Start Session End Topics Presenter/Panelists
Keynote 11:30 AM NOON Keynote Kickoff Glenn Goldman - New Jersey Institute of Technology
 SIGGRAPH EDU Committee Chair
Mike Kehoe - New Jersey Institute of Technology
Session 1 NOON 12:50 Games, Simulation, and Performance Course Holly Adams - Pratt Institute
      Virtual Fish project: Creating a Community of Interpreters Heidi Rae Cooley - University of Texas at Dallas
      Human, and non-human: Life forms in Metaverse Roger F. Malina - ATEC Program at The Univ of Texas at Dallas
Rejane Spitz - PUC-Rio, Brasil
Session 2 1:00 PM 1:50 PM Case Study: In Camera VFX Course.. a multi-time-zone hybrid experience
Dr. Rebecca Perry - NEP Virtual Studios
      Computer Graphics & Animation Research Projects Initiative William J. Joel - Computer Graphics & Animation Research Projects
      Effervescent Shadow Bazaar: An Immersive Art and Music Experience Johannes DeYoung - Carnegie Mellon University
Session 3 2:00 PM 2:50 PM Embedded Technologies: Optimizing Performance and Safety in the Built Environment
Andrzej Zarzycki - New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Comicsbook Paradigms Inspiring Students to Learn Coding Marc E Russo - North Carolina State University
      Technology in Computational Art Education Suzete Venturelli - University Anhembi Morumbi / University of Brasília
Session 4 3:00 PM 3:45 PM Integration and Evaluation: Humans and AI in Design Collaboration
Taro Narahara - New Jersey Institute of Technology
      Use of AI in Visual Art Courses Miho Aoki - University of Alaska Fairbanks
Wobbe Koning - Monmouth University
      The Digital Archive of Newark Architecture (DANA) AR project Hannah Kum-Biocca - New Jersey Institute of Technology
Session 5 3:45 PM 4:30 PM How to submit and get involved in SIGGRAPH 2023! Nick Jushchyshyn - Drexel University
Bonnie Mitchell - Bowling Green State University
Natasha Warshawski - PCAD
  All Times Eastern Time Zone (New York City)