SIGGRAPH 2023 Educator's Day

Educators Day

Mark your calendar: Monday, August 7

You are invited to Educator's Day: Educator's Training Educators. SIGGRAPH 2023 Educator’s Day is committed to bringing the most innovative and exciting ideas in education involving computer graphics and interactive techniques.

SpaceTime Gallery 2023

1st Place: Haylie Anicama

The International 2023 SpaceTime competition for students was announced matching the conference theme: ““50 years of SIGGRAPH””
A gallery of the accepted works can be viewed here.

Winter 2023 SOIREE - Recordings

Winter 2023 SOIREE

Recording of the Winter 2023 SOIREE have been posted to our YouTube channel, and can be viewed here.


Sponsorship for Immersive Dome Experience

Concept Education Space

Call to sponsorship of the Immersive Done Experience: Be a part of History!
Showcasing and Celebrating the Past, Present & Future of Computer Graphics & Interaction Education

Call for Participation: 12th Annual Faculty Submitted Student Work Exhibition

Sponsored by the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee.

We are interested in your project assignments (in original language) and the best examples of the work done by your students for that assignment.

Images, videos, and assignments to be displayed at the Education Committee booth during the 50th anniversary conference SIGGRAPH 2023 in Los Angeles. The materials will be archived on the education website after the conference.


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