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This section contains a wealth of materials of value to Computer Graphics educators and professionals. Unlike CGEMS, some materials in this section are not peer reviewed. They are considered of value nontheless.

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A peer-viewed resource, meant to spread educational excellence in CG-related fields.

General Resources

Educators Listserve

A forum for discussion for educators in Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.

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You Tube Channel

Find recordings of our SOIREE-s, In Good Company, and more


Educational projects dealing with Curricula

Faculty Submitted Student Work

All submissions are accompanied by the assignment, in PDF format.

Past projects

Topic Specific Resources


The "Education for Visualization Committee", or EVC for short, has the goal "to further development of guidelines and teaching materials for visualization curricula and courses"

History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art

The History of Computer Graphics and Digital Art Project collects essays and images from artists, scientists, art historians, people shaping the museum and gallery display and those who influenced these disciplines, which reflects the unfolding of computer art due to technical achievements (hardware, software, languages, etc).