Dieter Lunt

Describe your field. Why are you interested in Computer Art/ Computer Graphics and what (event, need, idea, hope, obstacle) caused your involvement? Summarize your line of development (the essence of your input to the field) in relation to concurrent technology.

In 1989 I told my brother about the idea of a three-dimensional, but minimal computer program. I wondered, that films Jack-Arnold made for example or arts in general did not use the stereo-view anymore. There were much impulses un-exploited. Much experiments were not attempt.

During this time the pc was really a new medium (we are living in Germany). Something not discovered (especially in creative Creations). A fantastic room for artists (hopeful, cheap and old-men-shocking).

It is difficult to abstract the situation that determinates us.

The PC claims more & more time producing satisfactory results. These results just wipe your mind: clean ( = empty). But you have to use this time, if you do not want to miss the connection.

I think, using the pc makes unselfish. But the machine (is not limited on PCs of course) could not be ignored, if you want to stay in the position of having an own view. So it is necessary—especially for artists—using the most watched medium for building a critical forum. It is the only possibility reaching the masses. Having a maximum of publicity.


Does the computer allow you to think visually about some topic or process in new ways? How has this influenced your work? Describe your ultimate accomplishment.


Has the field of computer art and graphics progressed in the ways that you expected? What has surprised you? What do you like about its progress and what do you wish had happened differently? What do you think the future holds for visual computing in science/art? Please make some predictions or wish lists for the near- and long-term future.

The PC will register us totally. And artists will say critic only regardful and superficial. vdb is not surprised in this.

Describe your dream environment for enhancing your project ideas. What are your preferred tools for creating and how do they work? What tools (hardware/software) you have used initially had the strongest impact on your work?

The preferred tools for creating are always the brain and—I believe—the contacts to other people.

Describe how you think specific advancements in technology, (such as wireframe, hidden line removal, scanner, laser, HTML, Java applets, or any other advancement), determined the way the approaches to creating art/graphics evolved?

Watch our work and see above!

How would you characterize the milestones (every ten years) in the development of computer technology? Which ones were most influential in art/graphics?


Which persons would you indicate as the pioneers in the particular areas/stages in which decade?

Mama & Papa.