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Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Workshops in Computer Graphics.

We have given three Workshops in Computer Graphics co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation (Grants #USE-8954402 and #DUE-9255489)and the Education Committee. These workshops have been held in August 1991, August 1993, and August 1994 at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia. The objective of these workshops was the following: to help undergraduate computer science faculty upgrade their knowledge so as to be able to teach more advanced concepts, to make them aware of what software and other resources were available, and to integrate them into the community of computer graphics educators.

Each workshop had about twenty five to thirty participants (forty percent of the participants were female and about the same percentage were from minority institutions). Many of the participants later applied for and received the Conference Educator's Grants and/or have become members of the Education Committee. (Valerie Miller and Scott Owen).