SpaceTime 2018: Second Place

Folding Generations
Artist (Student Name): 
Fang-Hsuan Shen
Wei-Chung Chang
National Taiwan University of Arts
Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts
Artist’s Statement: 
Generations just like letters folded in layered structures. We can see deep inside the evolution with changing time. When opening it. Pulling forward the letters means generations extension. I connect the past and present by using intense perspective, and all pieces of letters represent tools and papers of record. I used Kraft paper to represent the past. As the time passes by, we started to use paper, adding the horizontal stripes on it after improvement. Finally, we use the tablet to record things more convenient and even faster. So what kind of tool will human use in the future? It’s still unknown. I drew the arrow on my poster representing Looking forward to our future. Next, I added many lines below the patterns and intersection spots. I used circles to connect them. It symbols there is a connection between now and future, because of the past, so we have moved on to the present so far. This is my viewpoint to the theme of generations.
Technical Statement: 
First, I drew sketches in my sketchbook. However, those sketches with their conception were not my favorite then, until I saw the book which was opened, the great idea flashed through my mind all of a sudden. I began to draw the formal sketches with this kind of strong feeling; For a better work. I discussed with my teacher several times, and I revised it many times too. I used Photoshop to trace the lines and painted with colors. Besides, I revised my artwork again and again, due to the intensity of theme and perspective problem. Basically, I created my artwork by using photoshop. I had tried to use Illustrator for drawing in the beginning, I felt that isn’t what I want. I used hand painting to create my artwork. It will be more vivid and cuter by doing those procedures. Finally, this is my process of the progress. From hand to the computer, just like the content reflecting the artwork. How fascinatingly interesting! I was satisfied eventually.