SpaceTime 2018: Third Place

The Digital Connection
Artist (Student Name): 
Cathy Hoag
Jill Coppess
Johnson County Community College, Graphic Design Department
Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Artist’s Statement: 
It goes without saying that technology has had a significant impact in the 21st Century. The pace at which this change has taken place is what is astounding. In less than one generation, we went from analog to digital, thus revolutionizing the world almost overnight. Using the “generations” theme I wanted to show what might be an analogy of this rapid growth as it pertains to artists and designers and the instruments to which we create visual messaging.
Technical Statement: 
For me personally, vector illustration is one of the most exciting and satisfying creative instruments there is. For someone like me, who enjoys portrait drawing, this gave me an opportunity to “draw” digitally. Naturally, I went to Adobe Illustrator to design and execute my design. All the elements were personally draw into vector shapes. I then filled each part with gradients, overlays, and effects to give it shape and three-dimensional form.