SpaceTime 2019: First Place

co-authored reality
co-authored reality
Artist (Student Name): 
Anna Chakravorty
Aidan Rowe
Masters of Design, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada
Artist’s Statement: 
My artwork captures the essence of this ‘co-created space’, where our reality is shaped through shared narratives of our identities. We create progress—along with a renewed sense of faith & hope We can & must do much more to create a new lasting meta-narrative predicated on an even greater common thread of humanity & life itself. Thriving requires us to fully embrace that we are one, that TOGETHER we can create partnerships, in alignment with the ecosystem to feel the completeness. We are at a pivotal moment in civilisation where our perspectives must converge around the notions of global development. In order to navigate within this transition, it is important to connect the many smaller ones into a powerful ‘meta-narrative’ to serve as a new foundation for our shared world that we are all co-authors of. Take my hand. Ready? Let's thrive together.