SpaceTime 2019: Second Place

Blooming Society
Blooming Society
Artist (Student Name): 
Alina Shkurikhina
Shrewsbury High School
Massachussetts, United States
Artist’s Statement: 
One of the first things that comes to mind when I hear the word 'Thrive' is spring, especially the flowers that bloom during this time of year. I chose to draw a lotus flower because it is a symbol of restoration and prosperity, which perfectly encapsulates the theme 'Thrive'. In my poster, the lotus represents society as a whole and each petal is a different community. All the petals are unique in color because no two communities are the same. But the diversity of each community does not harm the society - it only makes the lotus even more beautiful. Individually, each community or petal can not accomplish much. However, when the petals collaborate and bloom in unison, they form a perfect flower. The center of the flower, a symbol of innovation, is what powers the flower and gives it life. As long as people continue to create new things and inspire others, the flower will thrive.
Technical Statement: 
I used Affinity Designer, an iPad application, to design my poster. I began with a dark green background to go along with the theme of growth and also to contrast the bright flower. I drew symmetrical petals using a vector pen tool and filled them in with different colors with a slight gradient. I then drew the symbol in the center of the flower and added an outer glow effect. To emphasize the glow, I added white brush strokes near the center and dark strokes as shadows on the bottom. I also used different brush strokes to create the texture of the petals. In the same manner, I drew the flower's leaves and added a minor noise effect to the flowers and leaves. Finally, I added the text on the top and bottom of the poster.