SpaceTime 2019: Third Place

To live, to prosper
To live, to prosper
Artist (Student Name): 
Koosha Damyar
Saddleback College - Program: New Media Marketing.
Mission Viejo, California
Artist’s Statement: 
As Darwin says, "from so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful, have been, and are being, evolved." To live is to thrive; it's the essence of life. We have conquered our planet, and now sky is no longer the limit. We observe and think to find problems; then, we discover solutions. We thrive, just like nature, where everything continually evolves to be better, to prosper and grow. We advance, prosper, and each day brings a new challenge, an opportunity. We improve and live, and it's endlessly beautiful.
Technical Statement: 
To me, to live is to thrive and prosper. A tree is an ancient symbol of life and prosperity. Today, we thrive on technology and finding creative solutions for our problems. The tree is made of lines inspired by circuit boards, as a representation of technology, and merging these symbols depicts the combination of life and technological advancement. The tree roots diverge all over the planet, which represents widespread technology. The tree has the shape of a triangular arrow pointing upward, to depict our path in always improving and evolving; up, where the sky is, where we gaze into starts and imagine how to reach them. Three background lights are inspired by the old Art Deco city and building posters, which usually follow the same theme: growth and prosperity. The background is the endless galaxy, where we aim to conquer one day; a depiction of forward-thinking and fearlessness in face of challenges. The moon is hanging over the text to create an anchor point for the text. The text itself borrows the triangle from the shape of the tree and the interaction of background lights.