SpaceTime 2020: First Place

Bailee Campbell Poster
Think Beyond
Artist (Student Name): 
Bailee Campbell
Anna Ursyn
University of Northern Colorado, Digital Art
Greeley, CO, U.S.A.
Artist’s Statement: 
When I heard the prompt, “Think Beyond,” my mind went in a thousand directions. There is so many ways to portray this topic, but I wanted to focus on thinking beyond our cell phones. Though phones can be a handy and fun tool, they create so many issues that render us from being truly happy at times. During the current climate that COVID-19 has created, it is hard not to get sucked in by the media. Constant updates on the virus, death tolls, and opinions on what we should be doing with our time all have the potential to turn our world gray and trap us in melancholy feelings. Phones also create social constructs on what we should eat, what we should look like, and how we should act. We become robots to these miniature computers and the power that they hold. Until we learn to put down our phones and create our own definitions of beauty and joy, we will never be truly happy.
Technical Statement: 
For this poster, I wanted to utilize the skills that I obtained in class at the beginning of this semester. I first made some quick sketches of my concepts and decided on the one I liked best. I then used Photoshop to begin drawing a dull, simplistic figure looking at a phone. I used a grayscale color scheme in order to achieve a melancholy mood for the figure. I then cut out the figure and pasted it over and over, layering the figures to make it look as if they were in a crowd. Because I didn’t want the message to be race oriented, I altered the skin tones in the figures. I then began drawing the main focus of the poster: the happy woman. I wanted this woman to be rejoicing in a sense, and I didn’t want her to fit the typical constructs of society. I hoped to create a figure that represented pure joy and self-love. I then placed her in the center of the image, and layered some of the gray figures on top to provide a more dynamic look.